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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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out but there is a lot smoke at the lumber yesterday. firefighters will be here for a while to make sure all fire is out. this was a very big fire. check out the pictures, huge flames engulf will wood pallets. first call was before 2:00 a.m. and then a second alarm. firefighters say the number yard next door was not impacted but they do not know the name of the yard that was burned. several people were in the auto body shot neck door and the cars were exposed to the flights but they were able to stop the fire from causing any real damage. the san jose police have blocked off this area including the overpass of 101. firefighters expect to be here
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for at least a couple of hours. >> golden gate bridge commuters will see picket sign on the way to work. a district union is going on a one day strike. amy hollyfield is at the bridge the how much would this impact the drives? >> the bridge is open. it should not impact you too much unless people slow down to look at the people on strike. that could cause a backup. negotiations have been breaking down define the management and union impacting ferry captains, bus mechanics and bridge workers. they have had no contract since july 1. the strike will not back the commuters, consider this a warning. >> by striking we are calling on the public to tell the board to secretaries the issues before another strike happens that does
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impact the working lives of commuters. >> we encourage our workers to come to work and the union to come back to the table to get this settled. >> this is a one day strike. ferry and bus service is not impacted but it could strike next week if a deal is not reached and they would stop the ifries and buses. the sticking point is the cot of health health care with no new talks currently scheduled. >> thank you. at sun yet firefighters will resume the battle with three out-of-control wildfires in northern california. highway wind fewed the fire bumping through a small town at mount shasta with 100 damaged structures including the main employer in the town. 350 acres have burned and only 15 percent contained.
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half of the town has been wiped out. hundreds are under evacuation orders and i--5 was closed into the evening but re-opened when the crews slowed the growth of the fire. >> the king fire has burned 8,600 acres with flame threatening 500 homes and evacuation orders are in place. crews have lost ground since sunday allowing containment to drop from 10 percent to 5 percent with flames up to an inmate crew pulling portal shelters over their borders as the fire destroyed a bulldozer. >> crews have been working to contain a fast-moving wildfire burning in madera county near oakhurst that scorched 300 acres. they water wells serb the area have also been destroyed. this is 35 percent contained. there in word open what started the fire. we will follow the fires
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on-and-off air with coverage continuing right new on twitter. >> police are looking for a man and woman who started by asking for flowers and ending by beating an elderly her couple inside their home. it is a bizarre crime and the victim's bravery that helped them survive. paz and jamie nagal say the man and woman in their 40's approach on friday asking for a lipping -- clipping of the flowers. after they left the 90-year-old couple released their wallet and jewelry were missing and they returned with the flowers as a gift and then they attacked paz and jamie nagals. >> he stepped me can kid me and i kicked her, too. the navy veteran and retired nurse, married for 59 careers were not ready to give up without a fight.
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>> i was fighting her. she was talking. i bit her hand. >> i tried to fight him but he is strong. >> the male was skinny and bound him with tape and the female stabbed her with a nail and tide her with rope but she escaped and ran out the side door. >> i jumped. iuped. >> she ran to the neighbors and called 9-1-1 and told police that they had an accent, possibly arab. they took the couple's safe and left in a dark purple older model car but likely left with bite marks on their arms. >> domestic violence support groups supporting -- pouring on
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the heat over the ray rice case with calls for mcdonald to be benched after suspicious of domestic abuse against his pregnant girlfriend. the case is under investigation. his first court appearance year was canceled because the investigation is on going. >> more trouble for another nfl tar this morning, adrian peterson a run back was involved in another abuse case involving a different son in june. the child's mother say he hit the four-year-old so hard it left a scar and she filed a report with protective services but nothing happened. last week peter son was indicted for using a switch to discipline another son leaving cars and welts on the child. his attorney issued a statement say the allegation of another investigation into adrian peterson is simply not true, this is not a new allegation but
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one that is unsubstantiated. there no ongoing or new investigation. >> police are holding a woman if custody after investigator say her child brought a gun to the fairfield library. the 11-year-old has special needs and took the handgun from a family members' home and the child was carrying the won't around in a backpack and showing it to friends. when the officers conducted a check they found horrible living conditions and the mother was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment. >> a new law requires drivers to stay at least 3' away from bicyclives. the law aims to protect bicyclists like this one, sent to the hospital year. a van hit the rider in san francisco yesterday. the law requires drivers to pass bicyclist at a speed that is "reasonable and prudent."
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the new team was tested out in san francisco where traffic lanes are only 8' wide. you can check the results at >> napa public health will go door-to-door to gather impacts on the earthquake on residents in napa, american canyon and surrounding areas of napa county. volunteers wear badges and will gather information on the impact on the residents from 8:00 in the only until 7:00 at night with no personal information checked. >> today governor brown will sign a landmark measure to regulate drum water pumping the most significant water law the state has seen in nearly 50 areas. california is the only state with no ground water regulation. until now property owners been able to drill wells and take as much water out of the ground as they enad. the legislation will create new local agencies with the power to restrict pumping, shut down
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harmful wells, and impose fines and penalties for violators. the goal is to get the california ground water back to acceptable levels since it accounts for 40 percent to 60 percent of fresh water we drink. >> new a check on the forecast. mike, you mentioned the magic word "rain." >> when it calls is the key. it will fall right before and during the morning commute open thursday so it will the first test of driving in rain. if it material ayes -- materializes. >> everyone is in the low 60's such as crissy field at 62 to mid-50's at the ferry building. 60 in richmond and fairfield and walnut creek and 63 in pittsburg and tracy is 62 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's from santa clara at 54 to coolest at healdsburg at 52.
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we have fewer clouds this morning and temperatures are running the same, maybe a degree or two difference. but a lack of clouds. quick sunshine. 64 at the coast. 76 inland. at 4:00 we have the high clouds roll in and 76 an the bay and 86 inland and we fall into the low-to-mid 60's in the evening so grab a coat and 76 inland with increasing clouds tomorrow and showers after midnight through thursday morning and dry air arrives on friday with more on the rain in the big forecast. >> good morning, mike, traffic is quiet and move along without any problems from the east bay so as we look at the drive over to treasure island no delays. we have a delay, he, along the toll plaza so if you are in the cash-paying lanes on the far left you will have wait for you but it will move on and the
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traffic is looking smooth. we have a big construction project that is going on friday and this is going to be the first of three weekends we will have full freeway closings highway 37 between highway 121 and 29. it will begin friday at 10:00 a.m. until monday at 5:00 a.m. and another set of construction the following weekend and the weekend after that never too early to plan ahead. kristen and eric? >> in a few hours, president obama will get an update on the ebola crisis and the major new help the united states is sending to belt the deadly outbreak. >> san jose is winning the war against discarred plastic bags, receiving an honor for the accomplishment. >> a look from east bay hills to the bay bridge with more news and weather and traffic.
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the pentagon is joining the fight against ebola in west africa. president obama is ordering 3,000 military personnel to liberia and other cups to help with relief efforts and will travel to atlanta where he will visit the headquarters of the centers for disease control amid more vocal criticism from health experts on the global response which has killed 2,500. >> bart is talking about the encounter between a rider and police. >> bart police say the woman was banging on windows and trying to pry open a door. this is video posted on youtube by another rider. when she was confronted she
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resisted. she was forcibly taken off the we train and arrested. she was booked for public intoxication and resisting arrest. >> a mental paint died after eating a poisonous mushroom. the family blame the facility where the 31-year-old matthew hick was treated. here is that report. >> it is a poisonous mushroom that can be fatal if consumed. the coroner's report is inconclusive but the family member believe that is what happened to matthew hicks who is being treated at cordilleras mental health facility after he ate the mushroom outside the fenced in area. >> before they knew it he picked up a mushroom and was biting into it. >> the mother and brother flew from chicago when they got word and she says 24 hours after eating the mushroom her son began vomiting and four days
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later she pulled him off life support. >> these are vulnerable people would need to be protected. he was not protected. he was not safe. >> the family blame the staff at cordilleras mental health facility who did not, they say, maintain a safe environment. >> whatever they had going on is not enough because someone died on their grounds. >> the company that runs the program at cordilleras mental health facility says they cannot talk about what happened because of patient confidentiality but they said that patients are accompanied by a staff member when they go outside. for the hicks family that is little comfort. they want to know how closely their son was monitored but are not getting answers. >> he did have mental illness because he has a human right to be safe and taken care of. >> family is considering legal action. they know it will not bring matthew back but could prevent what happened to him from happening to someone else.
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>> city of san jose will present an award today for the efforts to get rid of plastic bags. the league of california cities will give the city council an award for excellence for the 2012 bring your own bag ordinance. officials say the ordinance has resulted in a 71 percent decrease in plastic bag trash and prohibit all stores in san jose from providing single use cary out plastic bags. >> it will not be much rain but we will take a we can get. >> the chance of it raining are looking better. when it is going to fall is the key. it will be during the we commute. now, right new, we have a little bit of a wind at 18 miles per hour, and fairfield has an area of low-to-upper passing by and that lifted the lid off of marine layer so look at lack of clouds this morning as we look from mount tahmooressi down to the san mateo bridge and we saw the twinkling lits of the north bay in the heart of the bay.
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high clouds and cooling and showers are possible on wednesday night through thursday morning and it will be dry and warmer-than-average this weekend. as far as what will happen today want the should cover develop along the coast. we have high clouds streaming in ahead of the next system. that is why we are going for high clouds and sun and cooler. we have mid-to-upper 70's for the south bay and 80's around los gatos and my 80's in morning were hill and santa cruz at 76 with rough surf again today. 75 in san mateo. 78 in palo alto. 72 in milbrae is the cool spot. upper 60's along the coast. 70 around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay and you are one of the areas susceptible to the we swells is at the bench. low 80's through the north bay and mid-to-upper 70's loan the
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east bay shore. inland we have low-to-mid 80's until brentwood at 87 degrees. tonight the temperatures are going to be like this morning mid-50's to low 60's and maybe an exception like san mateo at 63 and the cloud cover is going to be lacking like this morning so jumping ahead to wednesday morning the cold front coming in a few light showers are possible in the evening and overnight hours and look how it started to generate dug the morning commute and by 10:00 it is out of the here. we are looking at less than .1" until mendocino and lake counties you could get up to quarter inch. cooling on thursday and jump back to average open friday and warmer-than-average temperatures saturdays sunday and monday. >> if you want help to get to work, the bart trains are on time and ace train one is on
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time. headed into san jose, the drive is clear and accident free and we do not have any problems on the roads. 101 up to the san jose airport is 66 miles per hour and 280 in and out of cupertino across 85 is clear and moving away from 101 up to 101 the drive is showing no delays. over the san mateo bridge you going to be in for shape and drive times traffic 80 westbound from albany to the maze is four minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 14 minutes and 280 northbound, 11 minutes. >> 450. they served with honor during world war ii and coming up a special journey a grew of veterans will embark on as a "thank you." >> did you pay too much in taxes when you bought in car? find out how to get the i'm a doctor of internal medicine with something terrible to admit.
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i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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>> another bay area community could use cameras to fight crime in marin county considering adding four cameras to want the roads that enter the city. this is a video of what was set up in 2010 after a rise in crime. the plan would call for four cameras at each of the two road entrances tracking cars entering and the other tracks cars leaving. the city council anythings up the proposal next month. >> two world war ii vans fly out of sfo to washington, dc, this morning be to see the monument dedicated to their service. because of the "honor flight," network. it tries to ensure that remaining world war ii veterans have the opportunity to see their monument, the first flight from sfo with donations paying for the entire trip so there is in confident to the veterans. they get guided tours of the world war ii memorial on the
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national mall and to other memorial sites in the city. >> a santa cruz beach is closed for the next four days because of a shark attack. a great white shark knocked a man off a subboard and took a chunk out of the board on saturday. he says the shark came out of the nowhere. [ inaudible ] >> i looked down and saw a shark. i rolled over. it took a bite on the way down. >> he was tied to the board so when the park swam it pulled him under water for five seconds and he said the shark let go and swarm away. browning swam back to shore. >> okay, mike, i predict visits to the bench will drop by thursday. >> thursday. but they will pick up this weekend. thursday is going to be rough.
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so is today because of the southern swells that will hit cruz and the north bay coast especially because of dangerous rip currents. rangers take on the a's with two weeks of the season left and dropping to 62 with high clouds and sunshine. mid-90's in chico and sacramento and in lake tahoe and yosemite, 81 to 97 but there is smoke. watch out. >> the golden gate bridge northbound traffic has construction crews picking up cones and all traffic is moving to the right. this will take a few minute as they pick up cones across the other side of the bridge in marin. as we take you to the north bay we have this crash involving two vehicles westbound 80 at per rid beyond road everything is pushed to the shoulder and no delays
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and along 505 there is nothing but green so you are moving along at top speed. >> the state board of equalization is asking car buyers to check their tax rate because you might have paid too much to the dmv charging taxes based on zip code rather than the address. the tax rate can carry in a wind code so some buyers may have paid too much. >> we have instances where the people used a map to show where they live and unfortunately the department of motor vehicles has said, well, you have to pay the higher rate and you can apply for a refund. >> the state posted information on how much money you should have paid to compare to how much you actually were charged. the link is posted on >> san francisco supervisors have delayed a committee vote on how to regulate airbnb in the city meeting seven hours yesterday.
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the supervisors discuss enacting fees for those would list homes on home sharing sites. the supervisor proposed limiting the number of difficulties someone can list a home to 90 day as year. the committee heard of a proposal to force people to register their homes and pay a $50 fee every two years. >> we following breaking news in san jose where part of a lumberyard goes up in flames. next at 5:00, we are on the scene with the battle that the crews are facing. >> it doesn't add up, the bay area school that cannot account for hundreds of thousands of brand new internet
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. >> guess what? there is rain in the forecast. not a lot. but, it is rain. probably thursday morning when it will affect us the most. wednesday morning. today's forecast shows sunshine and high clouds at 72 to 82 with the warmest, 82 to 87 and the coast and san francisco is the coolest and 66 to 71. that is the first forecast. at look at traffic. leyla gulen? >> smooth sailing


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